Jaekel (1895) erected this genus for the teeth described by Agassiz (1843) as ? Lamna hopei and L. verticalis. In 1988, Ward synonymized these teeth under the name Carcharias hopei. In North America at least, the Ward assignment has been generally followed (Ward & Weist 1991, Kent 1994, Purdy 1998, Kent 1999, elasmo.com 1999-2005). In 2005, Cappetta & Nolf (C&N) published an extensive review of Palaeogene sand tigers of Europe. In that paper, the authors resurrected Hypotodus, rejected C. hopei (sensu Ward 1988), and assigned many (but not all) of the Agassiz specimens to Hypotodus verticalis (following Nolf 1988). Rather than three upper anteriors, there were only two -- a significant observation and a reasonable basis for a genus other than Carcharias. These tooth-set observations are in line with Cunningham (unpublished) and appear valid. Whether the specific name should be hopei or verticalis is arguable. Elasmo.com will follow C&N in this matter, but it must be pointed out that some teeth formerly ascribed to C. hopei in various collections may not be H. verticalis.

Using C&N as a guide and Cunningham (2000) methodology, the accompanying tooth-set was constructed. As can be noted, not only has an upper A1 tooth-position been lost (or at least been replaced by a stunted tooth, the existance of which is currently undetermined) but the awl-like Carcharias tooth-design has been replaced by more mesio-distally expanded teeth. As Ward (pers com 2005) notes, the typical sand tiger (sensu Carcharias) tearing-dentition is becoming more cutting/clutching-like in design. Not seen in this tooth-set image is the erect shape (when viewed laterally) of these smooth-crowned teeth.

Typically, H. verticalis teeth have a single, 'primary cusp'-directed cusplet on each shoulder. Infrequently, on both sides of the Atlantic, there may be a second cusp on each side as seen in Winkler's (1874b) "Otodus" vincenti subsequently synonymized by Leriche (1905 & 06) with "Lamna" verticalis.

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