When elasmo.com first went on-line (1996), there was much less reference material available than today, and many of the more important faunas remained unpublished. This website's objective was to better share details of North American shark faunas. More recent additions to this list have become more sophisticated in the scope and content. Certain older pages (i.e. Smoky Hill chalk) need significant updating, while others have been kept current. Creating new faunal pages is now very time-consuming and will be added at a much slower rate than in the past.

Fauna Added Updated Scope
Hosta Tongue Aug 2011   Santonian, New Mexico
L. Cret. Miss. Jul 2010 Aug 2011 Late Cretaceous, Mississippi
Kemp Clay Jan 2010 Aug 2011 Maastrichtian Texas
Belgrade Fm. Sep 2009   Late Oligocene, North Carolina
Castle Hayne May 2007   Middle Eocene of North Carolina
Aquia Jul 2002 May 2007 Late Paleocene of Maryland
Nanjemoy May 1999 May 2007 Early Eocene of Virginia
Peedee Apr 1999   Late Cretaceous, Lake Waccamaw, NC
Tropic Shale Feb 1999   Late Cretaceous, Utah
Black Creek Feb 1999 Aug 2011 Late Cretaceous, North Carolina
Smoky Hill Feb 1999   Late Cretaceous, Kansas
Sharktooth Hill Apr 1998 May 2008 Middle Miocene, California
Lee Creek Jul 1996 Feb 2005 Mio-Pliocene, North Carolina
Shark I Jul 1996 Jun 2008 non-carcharhiniformes
Shark II Jul 1996 Dec 2008 carcharhiniformes
Rays Jul 1996 Feb 2007 batoids
Teleosts Feb 2005 Oct 2006 bony fishes